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The summer is almost done, it went by too fast. My mother once told me the older we get time goes by faster. We had a successful golf outing and Festa Della Lira. Many thanks to the volunteers that help put these events on. I also want to thank Judge Toia and his committee for their commitment on our IACCM Scholarship program. This program has helped many of our members’ children and grandchildren fulfill their financial needs. Lastly I want to thank our secretary Deborah Demick for her continued support to the IACCM.

Since I have been in office, I have continued to push our membership to bring in prospective new members to join our chamber. This is an ongoing drive to attract qualified new members, and we all need to work on this. As of today, we have seven new members for 2017. Please welcome our new members that have join IACCM so far this year. The breakdown of our current 169 membership is:

Associate – 2
Regular – 102
Senior – 41
Honorary – 5
Corporate - 19

As a reminder, an associate member must be between the ages of 21 and 30 years old with limited access to 5 meetings per year. A regular member can be any age with unlimited privileges. Eligibility requirements would include any person of Italian descent or that is married to a person of Italian descent who is engaged in a business or a profession having interests consistent with the aims and purpose of the chamber.  Corporate members may have one member in attendance at all 10 meetings without heritage requirements without voting rights.

Our new directory has been published with a list of all our members. If you have not received one or would like to pass them out we will have some at our next meeting. Lastly, our next networking event is in September at Mirage Banquet Center. This would be an excellent time to bring a guest. Please let Debbie know if you intend to bring a guest. First time guests are free of charge!

Thank you,

Vito Pianello

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