Chairman of the Board - Joseph P. Ventimiglia

Buon Anno!    Happy New Year!    As we welcome 2023, I
would like to wish all members and their families a healthy
and prosperous new year. I am honored to serve as this year’s
Chairman of the Board for the IACCM. I would like to extend a
sincere congratulations to our new President, Mark Garagiola,
son of the late (and beloved) Reno Garagiola. I would also like
to welcome our newest board members- Sandy Tornberg and
Leo Terzo.

As I reflect on 2022, I am most thankful for our Detroit Lions--
who might finally win a championship in my lifetime! Joking
aside- I am truly thankful for the continued growth of the
Chamber and the camaraderie that has continued to develop
over our long history. I am optimistic about the future and
look forward to what is ahead.  I would also like to express my
condolences for all those who we lost in 2022. 

As the new Chairman, I will try my best to keep everyone
informed of events and Chamber happenings.  With that- it is
never too early to talk about summer. Please note that Festa
Italiana 2023 will be held on July 14-15-16. The Festa is a great
opportunity to showcase and celebrate our culture, while also
welcoming the community to join in our rich heritage and
tradition. I hope to see you there!   I am also looking forward to
seeing each of you throughout the year at our monthly dinner

Lastly, I would like to thank our Immediate Past President
Charles Shermetaro, and Chairman Charles Moran for their leadership in 2021 and 2022.
I am looking forward to a successful year under the leadership
of President Mark Garagiola in 2023.
I wish the best for each of you throughout this next year and

Joe Ventimiglia 

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