Charles Shermetaro, O.D. - President

Welcome to 2021! Hopefully we can keep the events of our world during 2020 in the rearview mirror and return to some sort of normalcy in this new year! It is a great honor and privilege to serve as President of the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce. I have been an active member since 2007 and have had the opportunity to serve on many of the Chamber’s various committees over the past 13 years. Thus, I have watched the Chamber grow and evolve yet still hold strong onto many of our traditional Italian values. I refer to these values as the "Five F’s". It’s our belief in Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom, and of course...Food!  


It is very gratifying and humbling to know our Chamber is entering into its 102nd year of existence. We currently have 176 members in our Chamber and our goal is to continually expand membership to increase our networking capabilities, charitable donations, and scholarship awards. As the year progresses, we will be resuming all our annual events. The John B. Agosta Memorial Golf Outing will take place on Monday, June 28th at Fern Hill, and the Festa Della Lira will be held on Wednesday, October 6th at the Mirage Banquet Center. Our monthly meetings have already commenced, and the 2021 location list has been distributed via email to the membership. Our guest speaker list and other events planned for this year will be led and facilitated by the Vision Committee Co-Chairs, Mark Garagiola and Mike Tenaglia. Despite last year's golf outing cancellation, we will continue to award scholarships this year. The funding has come from the savings on the four missed meetings due to the virus lockdowns of 2020.


I would like to thank Charles Moran for accepting the position of Chairman, and he will serve as the leader at our board meetings. I would also like to welcome our new board members for 2021: Paul Calcaterra, Anthony Licata, and Joe Burke. We all look forward to the enthusiasm these gentlemen will bring to the table.


We are also looking forward to publishing an updated Italian-American Chamber Directory this year. More information about the directory, our website upgrades, and other networking and fund-raising events will be forthcoming.  


Finally, the best words of wisdom I have heard over this past crazy year have been, “Stay close to God, for He will be our source of Joy in the good times, and our source of Comfort in the tough times!” Stay well.



Charles Shermetaro, O.D., President

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