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I joined IACCM in 2017, since being a member I got involved with several committee’s and have developed business relations that have brought new business for me. The main reason I joined was to continue to learn and be a part of the Italian community and truly meet new people. I enjoy talking to the lifetime members as well as the new members and I have learned much about the Chamber, including the importance of keeping it vibrant. I recommend joining to relish in the relationships and events!
Charles M.
I joined the Chamber in Feb 2018. Doing so was one of the best and most rewarding things I could have ever done. Not only has it helped me grow my business, but the friendships I have made with other members are priceless. I highly suggest coming to a meeting to enjoy some great food, good wine, and fantastic conversations!
Aaron Marentette
Shelby Twp
My Testimony is that how the IACC welcomed me with open arms as a none Italian heritage member. My sister past away December 14, 2021 at the age of 55 years old from a massive stroke to the right and left side of her brain and then went into cardiac arrest. The love that i received from my IACC family was very heartfelt and comforting. Just to name a few: Momma Sandra, Pete L, Alexdandra, Julie G and Charles M. Embracing me with many phone calls, emails or texts. I totally look forward to gathering monthly with my new friends: Aaron M, Leo T, Mike D, Joe D and Mark G, Steve F just to name a few from so many.. So super happy that I joined such a wonderful organization. Respectfully with Love, Juanita Hickmon- MY3ANGELS LLC
Juanita Hickmon
Shelby Township
I joined the Chamber in 2019. Frankly, it was long overdue! I enjoy being on the Festa Italiana committee and look forward to it each year. My favorite thing about the Chamber is being among old and new friends, sharing the common goal of perpetuating our wonderful culture!
Sandra Tornberg
Shelby Township
I joined the Chamber in 2019 in hopes of learning more about my Italian culture and family lineage. In 2013 I lost my grandfather. Unfortunately, I was younger and never asked the right questions or had the deeper conversations with him to learn about our family. Thankfully, the chamber is full of very knowledgeable individuals whom I have come to befriend and learn from. I look forward to the growth of our chamber and the future ahead. The chamber has also been beneficial to my insurance agency by meeting new connections, which takes place over some great food & drink!
Leo Terzo
St. Clair

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